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What: Smallest Cow (Height)
Where: Kerala, India
When: 09 November 2010

The shortest cow is Diana, a 7-year-old Vechur cow, born and bred at the Vechur Conservation Centre, Kerala, India, who measured 77 cm (30 in) from the hoof to the withers on 9 November 2010.

The Vechur cow (also spelled Vechoor cow) is a rare breed of Bos indicus cattle named after the village of Vechur in Kottayam district, Kerala, India. With an average length of 124 cm and height of 87 cm, it is the smallest cattle breed in the world and is valued for the larger amount of milk it produces relative to the amount of food it requires. The Vechur cow was popular in Kerala until the 1960s but became rare when native cattle were crossbred with exotic varieties. In the mid-2000s, scientists at Kerala Agricultural University began a program of conservation and study of the breed.

Ever seen a cow with a height of just 77 cm and a length of 124 cm? If the answer is no, then come to Vechur, a small hamlet in the district of Kottayam in Kerala and see yourself this extraordinary cattle breed.

Vechur cow Vechur cow, an indigenous cattle variety of Kerala, a rare breed of Bos indicus, is the smallest cattle breed in the world. It yields the maximum milk in the world for a cow of this size. It's not the quantity of the milk but its quality that gave it an international fame. Vechur cow was earlier believed to have gone extinct from its birthplace due to high cross breeding. But to the surprise of many, they survived this doomed future. Thanks to the extraordinary efforts taken by Dr. Sosamma Iype, a Professor of Animal Breeding and Genetics along with a team of her students. Under the guidance of Dr. Sosamma type a conservation unit was started in 1989 that has been looking after the conservation of not just Vechur cows but all other indigenous breeds of Kerala too.

Named after the village where it is believed to have evolved this dwarf cattle breed is well adapted to the hot, humid tropical climate of Kerala. They require a minimum food and are highly resistant to diseases. Farmers are of the opinion that these cute cattle of Kerala are more intelligent and lovable compared to the other cross breeds common in Kerala. Vechur Bulls despite their small size are very strong and were used in the earlier times to plow the marshy paddy fields. The medicinal property of Vechur cow's milk has been accepted by Ayurveda too. Its milk is easily digestible due to smaller fat globule size and hence ideal food for children and convalescents. Recent studies proved the medicinal property of the Lactoferrin protein in the milk of Vechur cow. It is said that the milk contains Arginine, an amino acid with specific therapeutic functions like wound healing, cell proliferation, cell signaling, and management of cardiovascular diseases.


What: Longest Bull Horns
Where: Gujarat, India
When: 21 August 2002

GOPAL - Longest Bull Horns, World Record

The longest bull horns each measured 1.4 m (4 ft 7 in) long and had a circumference of 0.79 m (2 ft 7 in) on 21 August 2002. They belonged to the bull,Gopal, who is owned by the animal protection centre,Bhagvan Mahavir Pashu Raksha Kendra Anchorwala Ahinsa Dham, on Pragpur road Junction, Mundra Taluka, Kutch, Gujarat, India. The horns were removed surgically on 21 August 2002 as they were affecting the health of the bull. This is based on the length of the horns.

"Gopal Nandi" has his name recorded in the "Limca Book" and also in "Guinness Book Of World Records" published in the year 2002, the giant size bull that happened to be wonder of the world. Gopal's specialties were Horn 9.2 ft long and 2.7 ft in diameter and his own weight was 765 kgs. Gopal died in the year 2003. After his death, Ahinsadham has built a Samadhi mandir as tribute to Holy Gopal. His horns are still preserved by the Institute in an Incubator.


What: 62.03 litres of milk in a day
Where: Jatai/GO, Brazil
When: 14 June 2012

She-ra Fiv JMMA
She-ra Fiv JMMA: Gir cow now records over 62.03 litres/day in Brazil

This majestic cow is from Brazil, belonging to the Gir breed of Gujarat, India this cow -- named She-ra – Fiv JMMA clocked 62.03 liters of milk in a day at the 40th Agricultural Exhibition of Jatai/GO (Expaja, Brazil), beating her own record of 59.947 liters. While Indian cattle breeds are doing exceptionally fine abroad, the fascination of our own policy makers for exotic breeds seems to be never ending. Meanwhile, Brazil has emerged as the biggest exporter of Indian breeds of cows.

During the 40th Exhibition of the matrix Jataí JMMA Shera, owned by Mr.José Mario Miranda Abdo. Jose Mario Miranda Abdo, became the first Gir to overcome the barrier of 60 kg of milk during a tournament average to plunge a staggering total of 186.10 kg, with an average of 62.03 kg/day, made unthinkable for the race years ago, it shows the evolution by which the Gir comes through.Shera is the daughter of JMMA Efalc Cashew Paradise and had beaten the record during the exposure of Goiânia, but with an average of less than 60kg. This new brand puts Gyr at a level of prominence among the dairy breeds and establishes itself increasingly as the best zebu breed for milk production and the best option for the production of crossbred animals. Three world records were broken Gir milk production at 40th Agricultural Exhibition of Jatai/GO, Brazil.

The name of the municipality of Jataí in world history was marked in Gyr cattle. Three world records for milk production were broken on the afternoon of Thursday, 14th June, 2012 during the first Tournament Dairy in Gyr cattle in Expaja Milk, integrated event the 40th Agricultural Exhibition of Jataí-GO. In the category of Female Youth, the Cow Zonara Fiv JMMA, the Coconut Farm & Barreiro, Jose Mario Miranda owners and Murilo Oliveira Abdo Abdo, surpassed his own record obtained in Exhibition / GO, the average production of the animal which was 48.307 kg/g, reached this Tournament 48.853 kg/g. In the category Young Cow, cow Setiba II Fiv JMMA also the Coconut Farm & Barreiro exceeded the rate of production of 39.020 kg/g achieved by cow Zelita in Exhibition in Goiânia.

She-ra Fiv JMMA
She-ra Fiv JMMA

IVF was Setiba II with an average of 41.827 kg/g in this tournament and has won the champion of the category. In the category Adult Cow, the world record now, She-ra Fiv JMMA also the Coconut Farm & Barreiro, Jose Mario owners Miranda Abdo Abdo and Murilo Oliveira, broke his own record production, 59.947 kg / g, purchased in Goiânia / GO. She-ra is again the world record, having succeeded in this tournament average production above 60 kg / g. The animal produced in three days of a tournament average of 62.033 kg / g of milk, which is considered by farmers and industry experts an extraordinary feat for an animal in Gyr cattle. For Jose Mario Miranda Abdo, owner of Farm & Coconut Barreiro, who first participates in the Agricultural Exhibition of Jatai, production rates achieved, as well as breaking records every exhibition is the result of hard work, effort, and dedication in handling them. Moreover, he said, the technology coupled with the teamwork done well is what makes possible the achievement of important awards like those achieved by these animals in Jataí / GO. In the exhibition held in Goiânia cow She-ra JMMA IVF was valued at two million dollars, a figure that should increase to suffer from this new feat.

Jill cow was that Mahatma Gandhi, who had undergone two weeks training at the Military Dairy Farm along with Pandit Madan Mohan Malaviya in 1927, had developed great affection for the cow and had named it as "Wonder Cow" and "Kamdhenu." Jill, an Ayrshire x Haryana breed of cow that was born a century ago, Jill was born on October 18, 1909, at the military dairy farm in Adugodi, Karnataka. Her dam was a pure-bred white Haryana cow and sire was a pedigree Ayrshire bull, Donald. "She lived for nearly 19-and-a-half years, producing 18 elite calves, rendering 18 lactations. Her overall milk production was 1,55,000 liters. The calves were subsequently used for genetic improvement program at the military dairy farm of NDRI. This is one pioneering instance of successful cross breeding in cattle in India.

The Cow was also venerated by Mahatma Gandhi. He said: "I worship it and I shall defend its worship against the whole world," and that, "The central fact of Hinduism is cow protection. He regarded her better than the earthly mother, and called her "the mother to millions of Indian mankind." Our mother, when she dies, means expenses of burial or cremation. Mother cow is as useful dead as when she is alive. We can make use of every part of her body – her flesh, her bones, her intestines, her horns and her skin." Mahatma Gandhi".

Wonder Cow and Kamdhenu
Wonder Cow" and "Kamdhenu


What: Lifetime Milk Production
Where: Embrun, Ontario, Canada
When: 21 August 2012

Most milk produced in a lifetime: Canadian cow sets world record

Dairy farmer Eric Patenaude kisses his Guinness World Records champion milking cow, has provided 216,891 kg of milk during her lifetime.

To dairy farmers the world over, Smurf is a celebrity cow.

Smurf, a 16-year-old Holstein cow has produced more than 57,000 gallons of milk (that's 216,891 kg or 478,163 pounds) in now 12 lactations - and is still producing - at "La Ferme Gilette" in Embrun, Ontario, just outside Ottawa, has broken the Guinness World Record for most milk produced over a lifetime. In the history of the world, no cow has been her equal.

The Patenaude family of Embrun, Ontario, has a long history in the country. It has been nine generations since the family first arrived from France, and the family has flourished. The family farm run by Gilles Patenaude and his sons was originally purchased by his grandfather back in 1881. Although originally a commercial production dairy, since 1980 Gilles and his sons, Marc, Louis, Vincent and Mathieu, have built the business into a top-className purebred Holstein breeding facility.

Their cows are all registered Holsteins, with about 450 cows milking, a similar number of dry cows and replacement heifers and about 100 bulls. Ferme Gillette is well known for producing excellent breeding bulls, with sales to A.I. units around the Canada and export sales around the world. Milking takes place three times a day in a double-12 parallel parlour with a pipeline. While Canada has long been renowned for the quality of its Holstein cattle, the previous record-holder was from Japan. It remains to be seen what Gillette Emperor Smurf final production record will be.


What: Most Expensive Cow
Where: Ponoka, Alberta, Canada
When: 11 November 2009

Missy is a Holstein cow, most expensive cow in the world, auctioned for $1.2 million dollars

Missy - Most Expensive Cow in the world Missy is a three year old black and white Holstein cow from Canada that has sold for 1.2 million dollars during the Toronto's annualRoyal Agricultural Winter Fair in Uxbridge, Ontario, Canada on Wednesday, November 11, 2009. This purchase has made Missy the current most expensive cow in the world. She also attained the second highest price ever paid for a cow in the country of Canada. She was also the Grand Champion of the 2009 Western Fall National Show. In 2011, Missy was named Supreme Grand Champion of All Breeds at the World Dairy Expo in Madison, Wisconsin.

The Royal Agricultural Winter Fair - the world's largest indoor agricultural and international equestrian competition- has been home to the rodeo show, hundreds of exhibits, and competitions since its inception in 1922.


What: Most Expensive Bull
Where: Idaho, United States of America
When: 28 February 2016

Most expensive bull: Hereford bull Miles McKee breaks Guinness world record

MILES MCKEE - Most Expensive Bull in the world
An American Hereford bull Miles McKee sold for a record $600,000, doubling the price record that has held since 1980.

Miles McKee, as he's known, was born in the US state of Idaho at the Colyer Hereford and Angus Ranch was sold for a whopping $600,000, almost doubling the previous Guinness world record price of $301,000 for a cattle sale, setting the new world record for the Most expensive bull. Miles McKee, a 13-month-old Hereford weighing 1,410 pounds was purchased by the Miles McKee Syndicate in Dunlap, Iowa. "The Herefords are well renowned for their meat quality, the physical structure, their feed efficiency, for their capacity to finish well on grass and other feeds.

The syndicate, with one unnamed principal in the cattle breeding business, bought three-quarters interest in the bull and will put him into stud for semen collection. The Colyer family will retain one-quarter interest, with the ability to use the bull's semen in its own herd and collecting a portion of semen sales. Mr. Guy Colyer, who runs the Colyer Hereford and Angus ranch and is now the bull's former owner says the secret, is in the bull's genes. "His mother sold close to a million dollars of progeny.


What: 2 Million Units of Semen
Where: Shawano, Wisconsin, United States of America
When: 5 April 2012

TOYSTORY Bull Produces World Record Setting 2 Millionth Unit of Semen

TOYSTORY, a Genex Cooperative, Inc. bull recognized by dairy producers around the globe, has reached a level of semen production never before seen in the cattle artificial insemination (A.I.) industry. Today, TOYSTORY has produced his 2 millionth unit of semen.

"When you think about the 1000s upon 1000s of bulls that have entered the A.I. industry and the popularity of many of those bulls, you know TOYSTORY has achieved an incredible feat by producing more units than any bull in A.I.'s 70-year history

TOYSTORY, a Holstein bull born at Mystic Valley Dairy near Sauk City, Wis., in May 2001, first entered record books in April 2009. At that time, the Genex-owned TOYSTORY joined an elite group of bulls throughout the industry that have produced 1 million units of semen. In May 2011, he became the industry's semen production leader by surpassing the previous world record of 1.767 million units held by the Dutch bull Sunny Boy. Now he has furthered the world record to a remarkable 2 million units.

"This is an event that might never occur again in history". "With the genetic progress possible in the dairy cattle industry today, through new technologies such as bull evaluations based on genomics, it is very possible that no other bull will ever reach the 2 million unit mark."

Several factors contributed to TOYSTORY's production success. TOYSTORY has possessed a genetic package desired by dairy producers around the globe. His genetics were first released globally in November 2005. Today, 2 million units later, he remains a sellout bull with semen sold across nearly 50 countries.

TOYSTORY's genetics and the high-quality care provided by Genex production division staff have also enabled the 11-year-old bull to remain healthy and agile for optimal semen collection.

"TOYSTORY has produced 2 million units, has always been above average in sire fertility and basically remains a sellout bull – even now, six and a half years after his initial debut. He is an incredible story.


What: Most Milk Extracted In 2 Minutes
Where: Alfdorf, Germany
When: 19 December 2008

Mr. Gunther Wahl: Most milk extracted in two minutes

Mr. Gunther Wahl: Most milk extracted in two minutesThe Guinness world record for the most milk extracted in two minutes was set by Gunther Wahl (Germany), who extracted 2 litres (3.52 pt) of milk from a cow on the set of Guinness World Records: Die GroBten Weltrekorde in Germany, on 20 December 2008.


Who: Jose Maria Serna Fernandez
What: Most Milk Extracted In 30 Minutes
Where: Madrid, Spain
When: 30 January 2009

Mr. Jose Maria Serna Fernandez: Most milk extracted in 30 minutes

Mr. Jose Maria Serna Fernandez: Most milk extracted in 30 minutesGuinness World Records also recognized the world record for the most milk extracted in 30 minutes: 35.5 litres, achieved by Jose Maria Serna Fernandez (Spain) on the set of 'Guinness World Records', in Madrid, Spain. Jose Maria used four cows during the 30 minutes. His son was on hand to help him massage the udders and change buckets.


What: Most Expensive Bull
Where: Machynlleth, Powys, Wales, United Kingdom
When: 18 February 2012

Fabio: Limousin Bull

FABIO - Most Expensive Bull in the world
Record breaker: Limousin bull 'Dolcorsllwyn Fabio' with stockman Gerwyn Jones

The highest price paid for a bull is £126,000 ($198,324). Fabio was sold by Glyn Vaughan (UK) in an auction held by Harrison Hetherington (UK) on 18 February 2012.

Fabio is a pedigree Limousin (his pedigree name is Dolcorswllyn Fabio) and sold for over three times his estimated price. The previous record price paid for a bull in the UK was £105,000. The sale was also a new world record for the Limousin breed. "Breeders attempting to secure new genetics are always willing to invest in stock they believe will improve their herds and leave them strong profits in future."


What: Largest Horn Circumference- Bull
Where: Castle Dale, Utah, United States of America
When: 20 September 2004

CT Woodie: Ankole-Watusi Bull

The largest horn circumferences on a bull measured 103.5 cm (40.75 in) on 20 September 2004 and belong to CT Woodie, an Ankole Watusi bull owned by Duane and Kolene Gilbert of Castle Dale, Utah, USA. Bulls and steers are judged differently at cattle competitions, hence this separation from Lurch.

The Ankole-Watusi is a breed of cattle originally native to Africa. Its large, distinctive horns, that can reach up to 8 feet (2.4 m) from tip to tip, are used for defense. Ankole-Watusis weigh from 900 to 1,600 pounds (410 to 730 kg). Living in the savannas and open grasslands, their diet consists of grass and leaves. The animal is sometimes known as Ankole or Watusi.

Ankoles are able to utilize poor quality forage and limited quantities of food and water. These survival abilities have allowed them as breeds to not only survive the centuries in Africa but to become established in Europe, South America, Australia and North America. The Ankole-Watusi is medium in size, with cows weighing 950 – 1,200 pounds and bulls weighing 1,200–1,600 pounds (540–730 kg). Newborn calves weigh just 30 – 50 pounds and remain small for several months.

Two Ankole-Watusi individuals are in the Guinness World Records for the largest horn circumferences for a bull and steer respectively. The bull, named CT Woodie, had horns which measured 40.75 inches (103.5 cm). The steer, had horns measuring 37.5 inches (95 cm). Duane and Kolene Gilbert have been raising Watusi cattle for 22 years. Duane is in the process of shipping semen to South Africa. They have a limited gene pool over there and needed some new bloodlines for their cattle.

Swallow - The smallest Dexter cow

LONDON, UK-- Swallow, a 11-year-old cow (owner Caroline Ryder) from Yorkshire with a taste for contemporary music who measures just 33 inches high (84 centimeters) from hind to foot sets the new world record for the Smallest Cow. Swallow is a Dexter cow, a breed known for its diminutive stature, but is small even by Dexter standards.

The 11-year-old cow is named Swallow and her owner, Caroline Ryder, said she would spend the day either grazing with her herd or listening to BBC radio in her cowshed. Ryder and her husband, Martyn, purchased Swallow at a rare-livestock-breed auction in 2006. She already has nine regular-sized calves and is pregnant with her 10th. Guinness World Records said her youngest calf has already grown larger than she is.

RIO - The World's Biggest Cow

QUALITY, some belief, is more important than quantity. But Rio the Charolais cow is a winner on both counts. Not only is she in the running to be declared the biggest cow in the world, she is also pure pedigree.

Six-year- old Rio is more than twice the size of an average dairy cow, weighs 2,690lb (1.25 tons) and could provide enough steaks to feed a small army - If butchered she would produce enough beef for 3.500 beef burgers and 7,500 sausages. The 6ft-tall, 11ft long beast is worth far more alive - weighing the same as a large adult Rhinoceros, she eats the equivalent of a tenth of her body weight every week and drinks up to 25 gallons of water every day. The world record for the largest living cow is currently unclaimed, although the largest ever was an American Holstein-Durham cross called Mount Katahdin which died in 1923. The beast was towering 6ft 2 in at the shoulder and had a girth of 13 ft. Charolais are the largest breed of cattle, there are now approximately 30,000 living in Britain.